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A Brief History of Chocolate Jesus

Jesus and chocolate. I love both. So when I heard the song “Chocolate Jesus” for the first time last week (on a podcast about religious kitsch), it sounded yummy. The song is satirical, but as I listened to it, I … Continue reading

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The Homeless Jesus sculpture is at it again

Provoking discussion, that is. Last April I wrote about a sculpture by Timothy Schmalz that depicts Jesus as a homeless man on a street bench. Well, another cast of it has been purchased by and installed outside St. Alban’s Episcopal … Continue reading

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Roundup: Dirty Jesus, Mother’s Day, spousal love, and Jesus in outer space

“Why a Wheaton College Professor Smeared Jesus in Human Dirt,” interview by Katelyn Beaty: Wheaton College art professor David J. P. Hooker purchased a five-foot-tall antique ceramic sculpture of Christ and affixed to it hair, skin cells, nail clippings, and … Continue reading

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Homeless Jesus sculpture finds a home

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells his disciples that whenever they feed or clothe or do any kindness to those in need, they are really feeding and clothing and doing that kindness to him. Inspired by this passage, Canadian … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with this picture?

In the book trailer below for Selling Water by the River, author Shane Hipps offers an analogy that seems lovely at first and does have some truth in it but which I believe is problematic in several ways.   The … Continue reading

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Back in May, to celebrate New York Design Week, Gallery R’Pure hosted an exhibition called “Love It or Leave It.” Featuring the work of ten U.S.-based designers, the exhibition invited its audience to “revisit objects and symbols that have forged the … Continue reading

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Super Jesus and Friends

Italian artist Igor Scalisi Palminteri recently created a new art series titled Hagiographies. For this project, Palminteri purchased cheap Jesus and saint statuettes (and a framed painting) from the street markets of Palermo and transformed them into superheroes using acrylic … Continue reading

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