Stories about Jesus Christ, illustrated by David Popiashvili

The Moscow-based Institute for Bible Translation (IBT) exists to translate, publish, and distribute the Bible in the 130-plus languages of the non-Slavic peoples living in the Commonwealth of Independent States (that is, in former Soviet Union countries).

In 2002 the IBT published a Georgian edition of Stories about Jesus Christ, a children’s book based on the four New Testament Gospels. They commissioned Georgian artist David Popiashvili, who studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, to create thirty-one illustrations for it. People responded so well to Popiashvili’s images that IBT decided to create a digital version of the book that includes Russian and English translations as well as the original Georgian. You can access this edition here.

Annunciation by David Popiashvili

The Good News about the Birth of Jesus

Baptism of Christ by David Popiashvili

The Baptism of Jesus

Walking on Water by David Popiashvili

Jesus Calms a Storm

Good Shepherd by David Popiashvili

The Good Shepherd

Agony in the Garden by David Popiashvili

Jesus Prays in Gethsemane

Christ carries his cross by David Popiashvili

Carrying His Own Cross

If you would like to request a copy of the print edition (which is in Georgian only), you can do so by e-mailing In exchange for the book they will ask for a $10 donation, to cover the costs of production and shipping. Because I live in the United States they had me send my donation to God’s Word for the Nations, a Missouri-based organization they collaborate with, after I received my copy in the mail.

The book is a seventy-page paperback, printed in full color on matte paper and staple bound. The trim is 8 × 8 inches.

David Popiashvili’s paintings for Stories have a tighter quality to them than his typical work, to accommodate the audience. Usually his brushwork is loose, and his oil paint thickly applied.

Flight to Egypt by David Popiashvili

David Popiashvili (Georgian, 1969-), The Flight to Egypt, 1999. Oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm.

Jesus with his disciples by David Popiashvili

David Popiashvili (Georgian, 1969-), Untitled (Jesus with his disciples). Oil on canvas.

Christ preaching by David Popiashvili

David Popiashvili (Georgian, 1969-), Garden of Gethsemane (Christ preaching), 2011, 41 x 52 cm.

Empty Tomb by David Popiashvili

David Popiashvili (Georgian, 1969-), Untitled (Women at the Tomb). Oil on canvas.

You can view more of Popiashvili’s paintings on his Facebook page.

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  5. I just purchased 22 paintings by David Popiashvili. They were displayed as street art in the old town of Tbilisi. I could not resist. Only after purchasing I learned about who the painter was. It is unusual
    to fall in love at the age of 65, in particular if you are University Professor of Physics. I tell you … it is possible to fall in love with David’s paintings. They bring forth a pure heart that speaks a story, which written word has a hard time to communicate.

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