“The Jesus question,” put simply, is this: Who is he? And why does it matter?

Go out into the world, and you see Jesus everywhere. Well, at least some sort of cultural expropriation of Jesus. He’s on T-shirts and bumper stickers, toast and toys, jewelry and wall art. But beneath all the kitsch, who is he, really?

Since I first made the commitment to become a Christian in 2000, that’s the question I’ve been asking myself. I have a veritable trove of Sunday school answers on the ready (“Son of God,” “personal Savior,” “sacrificial Lamb”), but what do they all mean, and how do they explain why Jesus is so popular among non-Christians? People of all places, ages, races, and even religions have made Jesus their own, but what is it about him that attracts so many followers, or at least admirers? How did he come to exist apart from the religion that bears his title? And if he’s supposed to be the same yesterday, today, and forever, then why has he been so malleable throughout history, in terms of what he looked like, lived like, and stood for?

This blog is an exploration of who Jesus is, primarily through the vehicles of art, literature, and popular culture. I hope that you will consider the question alongside me and share your thoughts in response to each post.

(If you want to read more about my purpose for this blog, check out my first post.)

4 Responses to About

  1. Regarding finding Christian artists, see warrenbreninger.com

  2. Marlene says:

    Victoria–I am Marjie’s sister-in-law. You are a very intelligent journalist, the only thing I would change in your above blog is to always capitalize any reference to The Son of God, as in He, Him. I was born a sinner, then baptized and instructed in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, I have the Faith of a child–I believe and never doubt the Will of God. He is our Lord and Savior and everything is in His Hands. I love Marjie to the moon and back and we will love on her and lift her up to the Lord in Prayer–He is the Healer and IS bigger than cancer. Know you love her too. Blessings to you as you study the Bible and learn more about the God who loves you.
    marlene domann

  3. Michael Basham says:

    Hey sister, it’s good to find your blog! I just interviewed Douglas Dietrich on the whole Jesus Sutras history and we discussed Christianity in ancient China. Very interested to get to know you and learn more about your journey. Thanks for taking the time to make an awesome blog!

    Blessings from Taiwan

  4. Diane Watts says:

    Came across your blog when reading The Seven Words of Jesus and Mary by Fulton J Sheen. He quoted Francis Thompson and I checked it out with an Internet search. Another book which helped me learn more about Christ was The History of the Passion of Christ by James Groenings, 100 years old but still available. Many people “read their way” into the Church. Happy reading!

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