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Book Review: Take Me to the Water, compiled by Jim Linderman and Steven Lance Ledbetter

Take Me to the Water: Immersion Baptism in Vintage Music and Photography 1890–1950 (Atlanta: Dust-to-Digital, 2009) is one of the most unique book products I’ve ever engaged. A collaboration between Americana collector Jim Linderman and Dust-to-Digital front man Steven Lance … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James H. Cone

As a schoolgirl, I was taught plenty about slavery and segregation in the US; I was taught that both were gross injustices, shameful times in our nation’s past. There was so much emphasis on the civil rights movement in our … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Chocolate Jesus

Jesus and chocolate. I love both. So when I heard the song “Chocolate Jesus” for the first time last week (on a podcast about religious kitsch), it sounded yummy. The song is satirical, but as I listened to it, I … Continue reading

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“Revisiting the Question of the Use of Visual Art, Imagery, and Symbol in Reformed Places of Worship” by Geraldine Wheeler

This essay is published in Christian Worship in Reformed Churches Past and Present, edited by Lukas Vischer (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2003). Here are a few concrete points I’ve taken away from it: If we want to engage the total … Continue reading

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Book Review: Visual Theology, ed. Robin M. Jensen and Kimberly J. Vrudny

When most Christians think “theology,” they think the study of God as expressed in words—in either verbal or written forms. Theology is communicated through sermons, catechisms, creeds, dialogue, books, and articles, this we know. But few Christians have considered that … Continue reading

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Roundup: Top 100 spiritual books, optional motherhood, sheep, and God’s praise-seeking

“100 Writers of Faith”: Several years ago, Image journal compiled a list of the top 100 Judeo-Christian-faith-inspired literary works of the twentieth century. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve read only one on this list! (Night by Elie Wiesel) I … Continue reading

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Fritz Eichenberg’s The Labor Cross

I recently finished reading the book Works of Mercy, a select compilation (by Robert Ellsberg) of Fritz Eichenberg’s wood engravings from The Catholic Worker newspaper. The art is supplemented with essays, article excerpts, and quotes relating to social justice. I’ve … Continue reading

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Roundup: On finding hope in this broken world

“The Glorious Cross of Jesus”: An exhibition of 70 photographs by Jason Lock. Each photo captures the shape of the cross occurring in everyday surroundings—in sidewalks, fences, doors, and kitchens—some more subtly than others, and is thoughtfully paired with a … Continue reading

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Vintage Jesus, Part 1: Is Jesus the Only God?

Jesus Christ today is the most extraordinary, the most loved and hated, the most widely considered person in all of human history. More songs have been sung to him, more paintings painted of him, and more books written about him, … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Scriptures Testify about Me

For a more succinct version of this review, visit If someone were to approach you and tell you that they’re interested in learning more about Jesus, you would almost certainly refer them to one of the four canonical Gospels. … Continue reading

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