Roundup: Dirty Jesus, Mother’s Day, spousal love, and Jesus in outer space

“Why a Wheaton College Professor Smeared Jesus in Human Dirt,” interview by Katelyn Beaty: Wheaton College art professor David J. P. Hooker purchased a five-foot-tall antique ceramic sculpture of Christ and affixed to it hair, skin cells, nail clippings, and other vacuum-bag debris collected from around campus. The resultant work, Corpus, debuted at the college’s Billy Graham Center on April 22. “I really hope that the piece will be a real, tangible way to see how our community participates in both the death and resurrection of Christ,” Hooker said. See also the Chicago Tribune feature on the piece, which includes a video interview in the artist’s studio.

“Be Pastorally Sensitive on Mother’s Day”: Pastors and worship service directors: please be aware that Mother’s Day is a day of pain for many women. Instead of further crushing non-mothers by asking them to remain seated while all the mothers stand to receive a gift, it may well be more loving to acknowledge through prayer the full range of conflicting emotions being experienced on that day. There’s still room for celebration, but make sure to leave room for sadness as well.

“The Story of Ian and Larissa” by Citygate Films: This video was posted on a year ago today. Such beautiful love.


“10 Things to Pray for Your Wife” (or Husband) by Jonathan Parnell: 1. God, be her God. 2. Increase her faith. 3. Intensify her joy. . . .

“Jesus in Outer Space” by Zack Hunt: On a lighter, funnier note, here’s a compilation of space-Jesus art, with captions. See teaser below.

He's got the whole world in his hands

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