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The Christmas Truce of 1914

This December marks the centennial of the famous ceasefire along the Western Front during World War I. On Christmas Eve, 1914, along the four-hundred-mile frontline, enemy soldiers spontaneously emerged from their trenches, arms laid aside, to celebrate Christ’s birth together. … Continue reading

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What We Know about Easter

By David Kwabi and Tout Wang This is a guest post written by David Kwabi, a PhD candidate in mechanical engineering at MIT, and Tout Wang, a PhD candidate in physics at Harvard University. Both men are interested in exploring … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James H. Cone

As a schoolgirl, I was taught plenty about slavery and segregation in the US; I was taught that both were gross injustices, shameful times in our nation’s past. There was so much emphasis on the civil rights movement in our … Continue reading

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The Real Saint Nick

Santa Claus: fact, or fiction? The answer is, a little bit of both. The Santa Claus of American lore is based on the real-life Nicholas of Myra, a Greek Christian living in Asia Minor during the third and fourth centuries. … Continue reading

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Roundup: Coventry Cathedral, the falsifiability of Christianity, racism, a child’s letter, liturgy, and a “recycled orchestra”

I apologize for not generating much original content lately. I haven’t anything substantive to present at the moment, but I have been voraciously reading up and taking notes on the history behind the building and art of Coventry Cathedral—one of … Continue reading

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