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Maranatha! (Our Lord, Come!)

This Sunday marks the first day of Advent, a season in which, in addition to commemorating the birth of Christ in the flesh and in our own hearts, we look forward to his second coming. In 2011 musicians from the … Continue reading

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Poem analysis: “Gratefulness” by George Herbert

The first two lines of George Herbert’s poem “Gratefulness,” a petitionary prayer to God, are often quoted at this time of year: “Thou that hast given so much to me, give one more thing: a grateful heart.” It’s a sweet … Continue reading

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Jesus, the church’s fiancé

Greg Boyd’s description of the church’s marital engagement to Christ on pages 121–26 of his book Benefit of the Doubt is one of the best I’ve read. Under the heading “Betrothed to the Beloved,” he explicates the meaning of the … Continue reading

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God in the Modern Wing: Matthew Milliner on Chagall, Magritte, and Dalí

Theologian and art collector G. Walter Hansen has organized a four-part series of lectures this month titled “God in the Modern Wing.” Taking place each Sunday at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, and free to the public, it aims to … Continue reading

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Important announcement

After much consideration I have decided to discontinue The Jesus Question and to launch in its place a new blog dedicated to theology and the arts. Thus, I will be phasing out this website over the next two months (I’ll … Continue reading

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Seven Contemporary Christian Artists

Artists who are Christian need not confine themselves to depictions of biblical characters and narrative, but because that is where my particular interests lie as an art viewer and blogger, that is what I am most on the lookout for: … Continue reading

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Hehu Karaiti: Jesus Christ of the Māori

Last week we looked at the subject of the Madonna and Child translated into a Māori idiom. Today we’ll look at artistic depictions of Jesus as a full-grown adult Māori. Head of Christ Māori Jesus by Sofia Minson—a New Zealand … Continue reading

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Māori depictions of the Madonna and Child

The Madonna and Child—Virgin Mary holding her infant son, Jesus—is a subject as old as the second-century Catacomb of Priscilla in Rome. The Byzantine Church, for whom this subject held central importance, developed a standardized iconography for it, and it … Continue reading

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Roundup: Art ministry in West Africa, illuminated Merton poem, Deeper Well Records, Van Gogh’s lost Jesus paintings, and Jesus quiz

Partner with an arts missionary: My friend Scott Rayl has joined Wycliffe Bible Translators as an arts specialist and is in the process of raising money to start training for service in West Africa. Scott is the person who first got … Continue reading

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An early Protestant painting (commissioned by Luther)

This Saturday, October 31, is an important commemorative date in the Protestant calendar: on this day in 1517 Martin Luther nailed a written protest to the door of Wittenberg Cathedral, listing ninety-five ways in which the church had departed from … Continue reading

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