More Nativity Paintings from around the World

Four years ago on Christmas Day I posted a selection of nativity paintings originating mainly in non-Western cultures. Each year since then that post has ranked as one of the five most-read posts on this site, with over twelve thousand views to date. So I’ve decided to do a part 2.

My friend Scott Rayl shared a quote with me this week by S. D. Gordon: “Jesus was God spelling Himself out in language humanity could understand.” What a succinct summary of the Incarnation!

Today we celebrate the transcendent God made immanent, accessible. We celebrate his new name: Emmanuel, God-with-us. The artists here can aid us in that celebration.


Australia (Aboriginal):

Aboriginal nativity

Mawalan Marika (Rirratjingu/Australian, 1908-1967), Nativity, ca. 1960. Natural earth pigments on eucalyptus bark, 109.5 x 33.8 cm.

First Nations of Canada:

Nativity by Jackson Beardy

Jackson Beardy (Oji-Cree, 1944-1984), The Nativity, 1975. Acrylic on canvas, 121.1 x 172.1 cm.


Nazareth by John Giuliani

Father John Battista Giuliani (Italian American, 1932-), Nazareth. Oil on canvas, 24 x 24 in.


Nicaraguan nativity

Nativity mural at Batahola Norte Community Center, Managua, Nicaragua.


Nativity by Angelo da Fonseca

Angelo da Fonseca (Indian, 1902-1967), Nativity, 1954.


Nativity by Sawai Chinnawong

Sawai Chinnawong (Thai, 1959-), Nativity, 2002. Oil on canvas.


Nativity by Lu Lan

Lu Lan, Nativity, 1994.


Japanese Nativity

Hiroshi Tabata (Japanese), Nativity, 1998.


Korean Nativity

Kim Hueng Jong (Korean, 1928-), Christmas Scene.


Nativity by Le Van Dai

Le Van Dai (Vietnamese), Nativity, 1980s. Watercolor on paper.


Nativity by Federico Dominguez

Federico Dominguez (Filipino, 1953-), from the “Yang ya Utaw si Manggob” (When Manggob Was Born) series. Gouache on Bristol board, 12 x 12 in. Collection of Mike Luz.


Nativity by Gde Sukana Kariana

Gde Sukana Kariana (Indonesian, 1974-), Nativity, 2011. Oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm.


Yoruba Nativity

Father Kevin Carroll (born Britain, active Nigeria, 1920-1993), Yoruba Nativity, 1948. Oil on canvas, 24 x 36 in.


Ethiopian Nativity

Contemporary Ethiopian nativity icon.


Nativity by Elimo Njau

Elimo Njau (born Tanzania, active Kenya, 1932-), Nativity, 1959. Fresco, 12 x 15 ft. St. James’ Anglican Cathedral, Kiharu, Murang’a, Kenya.


Tanzanian Nativity

Tanzanian nativity batik.

South Africa:

Nativity by Azaria Mbatha

Azaria Mbatha (South African, 1941-), The Birth of Christ, 1964. Linocut, 30.4 x 54.4 cm. University of Zululand Art Gallery, KwaDlangezwa, South Africa.

(Many of the Asian artworks in this post were found through the Asian Christian Art Association website. It’s a really rich resource. Check it out!)

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13 Responses to More Nativity Paintings from around the World

  1. dlightingguy says:

    These nativity paintings and the ones previously shown are delightful to see and thought provoking. Thank you for posting.

  2. cityhermit2015 says:

    Both posts are wonderful! Congratulations! I reblog both and I am a very close follower of your work! Have a Blessed Christmas!

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  4. Joan Beck says:

    I admire and enjoy many of these. If I wanted to use one on a bulletin cover, how would I go about finding out about copyright?

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  6. Nancy says:

    Thank you. They are lovely

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  11. Jerry Winans says:

    Thank you for your posts and Nativity depictions from around His world. Christ is born! Glorify Him!

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