Vintage Jesus, Part 9: How Did People Know Jesus Was Coming?

This twelve-part series outlines the “Vintage Jesus” sermons of Mark Driscoll. See part 1 here.

0:55-4:50 – Interview with Rabbi Mark Glickman: A Jewish Perspective on Who the Messiah Is

“The Messiah will usher in an era of universal peace and justice and righteousness and goodness, and a mere glance at the newspapers today shows that we haven’t reached that yet. Our world is far from the good, righteous, perfect place that our tradition has dreamt it can be. And therefore we very definitely live in a pre-Messianic world—a world in which the Messiah has not yet come.

. . .

“Reform Judaism, early on, rejected the notion of a person as the Messiah. We’re not looking for an individual but rather we see ourselves as God’s partner in working tirelessly in order to bring on the Messianic era, in order to make the world the good, perfect, just, righteous place we know it can become. So we’re not looking for the Messiah to be a person; we’re looking for the fulfillment, more generally, of the Messianic dream of our tradition, which promises peace and wholeness and completeness—the world as it might be.” 

6:54 – General background on the Bible

8:19 – Three things Jesus said: Matt. 5:17-18; John 5:37-40; Luke 24:44

25 Prophecies about Jesus

10: 12 – Genesis 3:15 (1400 BC): The Messiah will be born as a male, and he will have a mother. (This prophecy is known as the Protoevangelium, or first gospel.)

11:43 – Genesis 12:3, 17:19, 49:10; Numbers 24:17 (1400 BC): The Messiah will come through the family line of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Judah.

14:18 – Isaiah 7:14 (700 BC): The Messiah’s mother will be a virgin.

16:17 – Micah 5:2 (700 BC): The Messiah will be born in Bethlehem.

18:20 – Isaiah 53:9 (700 BC): The Messiah will not commit any sin.

19:31 – Hosea 11:1 (700 BC): The Messiah will spend some time as a refugee in Egypt.

20:15 – Malachi 3:1 (400 BC): The Messiah will preach in the temple (which means he had to have come before 70 AD, when the Jewish temple was destroyed).

22:35 – Isaiah 40:3 (700 BC): John the Baptizer will prepare the way for the Messiah.

24:52 – Isaiah 34:5-6 (700 BC): The Messiah would perform healing miracles.

26:18 – Zechariah 9:9 (500 BC): The Messiah will come riding into town on a donkey.

27:04 – Psalm 41:9 (1000 BC): The Messiah will be betrayed by a close friend.

28:25 – Zechariah 11:12-13 (500 BC): The Messiah will be betrayed for thirty pieces of silver.

29:52 – Isaiah 50:6 (700 BC): The Messiah will be beaten, have his beard pulled out, mocked, and spat upon.

31:05 – Psalm 22:18 (1000 BC): The Messiah will be stripped of his garments, and the soldiers will cast lots for them.

31:56 – Isaiah 53:3 (700 BC): He will be despised and rejected.

33:20 – Isaiah 53:7 (700 BC): The Messiah will not defend himself.

33:54 – Psalm 22:16 (1000 BC): The Messiah will have his hands and feet pierced. (This prophecy was given before crucifixion existed as a form of punishment.)

35:16 – Isaiah 53:12 (700 BC): The Messiah would be put to death with sinners.

36:30 – Exodus 12:6 (1400 BC), Psalm 34:20 (1000 BC): None of the Messiah’s bones will be broken.

40:40 – Psalm 22:1 (1000 BC): The Messiah will be forsaken by God the Father.

43:41 – Isaiah 53:8 (700 BC): The Messiah will die.

44:07 – Isaiah 53:9 (700 BC): The Messiah will be buried in a rich man’s tomb.

46:24 – Psalm 16:10 (1000 BC); Isaiah 53:10-11 (700 BC): The Messiah will be raised from death.

49:00 – Psalm 16:18, Psalm 110:1 (1000 BC): The Messiah will return to heaven to be seated at the right hand of the Father.

51:50 – Scripture is all about Jesus!

Read part 10.

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