Vintage Jesus, Part 7: Why Should We Worship Jesus?

This twelve-part series outlines the “Vintage Jesus” sermons of Pastor Mark Driscoll. See part 1 here.

3:00: American football and Hindu idol worship—not so different from each other

8:57: Broad picture of worship

  • What one culture considers just a hobby, entertainment, or recreational activity another culture might recognize as a worship event.
  • Popular American idols include sports teams, video games, televisions, cars, bands, sex, and fashion. Or more elusive ones like beauty, popularity, success, financial security, romantic love, education, and so on.

9:33: Four things worship is not

  1. Worship is not exclusively religious.
  2. Worship is not a style of music.
  3. Worship is not something that starts and stops. (It’s ongoing; it’s a lifestyle.)
  4. Worship is not tied to a time or a place. (As John 4 tells us, it’s a question not of when or where, but of who or what.)

12:23: Worship defined (Romans 11:36-12:1): whatever you hold in a position of glory 

13:32: Glory defined: weightiness, preeminence, your greatest treasure, your deepest longing, your source of hope and joy

  • “We all are worshippers, because we all hold something—be that ourselves, a relationship, a spouse, a pet, a car, a hobby, an experience, an income, an education, a house—whatever it is, there is something that gets us out of bed in the morning, there is something that our hearts and minds long for, there is someone or something that is the most important someone or something in the world to us. Functionally, whoever or whatever that is, that is our god.”

14:21: We worship by making sacrifices

  • You can identify your idols by determining what it is you give your self, money, and time to, what you allocate your resources toward. There are only so many hours in a day, only so many dollars to spend. How do you spend them?

17:49: “Worshippers” and “non-worshippers” is a false dichotomy; the difference lies in the object of worship—either the Creator or created things (Romans 1:25)

18:36: Don’t judge other cultures for their idolatry without recognizing the idolatry in your own

24:17: Worship like Jesus worshipped

27:00: Sin defined: that which does not glorify God, that which breaks the intention of worship

29:22: Three takeaways

  1. We are all worshippers; it’s in our wiring.
  2. We should worship like Jesus.
  3. We can worship only through Jesus.

34:42: When you worship the Creator, only then can you rightly enjoy created things

  • Unlike with other gods, you can worship the God all you want and you will never feel disappointed or sick or ashamed afterward.

37:47: Not only do Christians worship like and through Jesus, we worship Jesus—the only one worthy of the position of glory in our lives

  • He is the glory of God and the God of glory. (John 1:14)
  • Jesus was worshipped even before he entered human history as a man. (Isaiah 6)
  • He was worshipped during his time on earth.

43:00: What is happening right now around the throne of Jesus? (Revelation 4)

  • Angels, people, and creatures are bowing down in worship of him, singing praises to his name.

Read part 8.

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