Citylife to co-host TGC conference in October

The Gospel Coalition’s New England Regional Conference is coming up, and this year it’s in Boston!  (Not only that, it will be co-hosted by my church, Citylife Presbyterian.)  The plenary speakers are Tim Keller, John Piper, D. A. Carson, and my very own pastor, Stephen Um.  The dates are October 19-20, and registration costs $100.  For more information or to sign up, visit

There will be six main talks and two breakout sessions.  Here are the two I signed up for, with descriptions from the website.  I’m excited!

Manoel Oliveira – The Gospel Across Cultures

“In this session Dr. Oliveira explores the ways in which the Gospel speaks powerfully across cultures while also challenging diverse cultures in diverse ways.  Of particular significance for Gospel-centered churches is to listen the voices of those who have left their home culture and found the Gospel in a different culture.  It is these voices that can help the church understand her own cultural captivity and the Gospel means of being freed from those captivities.”

Richard Lints and Patrick Smith – The Gospel and Apologetics: Pressing Issues the Church Faces

“Even as our public discourse has become more polarized and partisan, the need to speak the Gospel into the Public Square has become more vital and yet more difficult.  Learning to speak with courage, compassion and clarity to address pressing cultural issues is a skill ever more urgent for church leaders today. Come and engage these two apologists as they think through the pressing challenges the Church faces in our contentious public square.”

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