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Seven Contemporary Christian Artists

Artists who are Christian need not confine themselves to depictions of biblical characters and narrative, but because that is where my particular interests lie as an art viewer and blogger, that is what I am most on the lookout for: … Continue reading

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An early Protestant painting (commissioned by Luther)

This Saturday, October 31, is an important commemorative date in the Protestant calendar: on this day in 1517 Martin Luther nailed a written protest to the door of Wittenberg Cathedral, listing ninety-five ways in which the church had departed from … Continue reading

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This is what hope usually feels like

With this post I’m deviating a tad from the Jesus program to dwell on a painting that is particularly timely for me and my family, who in the wake of a cancer diagnosis are being forced to hope. My Aunt … Continue reading

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Book Review: Christ in Celtic Christianity, by Michael W. Herren and Shirley Ann Brown

Celtic has become a buzzword in today’s age, evoking romantic notions of a peaceful, inclusive, nature-loving Christianity practiced in the British Isles of the Early Middle Ages. Classicist Michael W. Herren and medieval art historian Shirley Ann Brown, however, do not … Continue reading

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Roundup: Liquor-store Jesus, Leviticus-inspired art, Hollywood actor talks grace, and more

What would Jesus do if he saw a stray shopping cart in a parking lot? Watch the video below to find out. Be like Jesus!   “111th Street Jesus” by Jim Hinch: This Image journal article from last year profiles muralist … Continue reading

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It Is Finished by Anthony Falbo

Anthony Falbo’s sense of humor is one of the qualities that endears me to his art. He frequently paints religious subjects but not with the stilted piety of much of today’s (what passes as) Christian art—instead, he approaches his subjects … Continue reading

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Jesus as the New David

This illumination is from an eighth-century copy of Cassiodorus’s sixth-century Commentary on the Psalms. (The manuscript is sometimes referred to as the Durham Cassiodorus because of the cathedral library that houses it.) Created in the Anglian kingdom of Northumbria, it … Continue reading

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