Roundup: Jazz Advent medley, whitewashed Jesuses spark lawsuit, Christ as Shanti Data, Kitschmas gift ideas, and a South Park ditty

Jazz Advent medley: The video below is taken from a 2012 Advent service at Citylife Presbyterian Church in Boston. It features a jazz arrangement of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” by Sam JC Lee (he’s the one on the double bass) combined with Terence Blanchard’s version of “O Come, All Ye Faithful.”


Man sues the Met for its “racist” Aryan Jesus paintings: One recent visitor to the Metropolitan Museum of Art has decided to sue the museum because the “anti-Semitic, racist, and offensive aesthetic whitewashing” of Jesus he encountered there (that is, the Jesuses of the European wing) has caused him emotional distress. Plaintiff Justin Renel Joseph, who is of Hebrew and African descent, is eager to build up a network of supporters and therefore has created a website,, where you can read in full the complaint he filed on November 30. Here is one of the offenders he cites:

The Holy Family

Sebastiano Ricci, The Holy Family with Angels, 1700. Oil on canvas.

“Christ as ‘Shanti Data’ (Peace Giver) for Advent”: Last Sunday many churches around the world lit the second of four Advent candles, the “Peace” candle. Paul Neeley shares a teaching his friend gave on the peace of Christ at a Christian satsang in India.

“15 Bizarre Jesus Stocking Stuffers”: Includes an inflatable Jesus doll, a Jesus rubber duckie, a Grilled Cheesus sandwich press, action figures, finger puppets, and more.

Inflatable Jesus

And lastly, Jesus sings “Happy Birthday to Me”:

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