Roundup: New Jesus movie, Lent retreat, Art in Orvieto, and Covenant and Exodus videos

Last Days in the Desert (movie poster)Last Days in the Desert movie review: Another Bible-inspired movie! Having premiered last month at Sundance, this one is about Christ’s temptations in the wilderness, starring Ewan McGregor. Critic Jordan Hoffman, writing for The Guardian, gives it four out of five stars.

Online Lenten retreat led by Jan Richardson: Next Wednesday inaugurates the forty-day season of Lent, and to help guide you through it, artist and writer Jan Richardson has organized an online retreat made up of written, visual, and musical reflections. Her blog provides a small sampling of what you might expect. Today she wrote, “It is a strange anointing, this cross that comes to mark us as Lent begins. Ashes, dust, dirt: the stuff we walk upon, that we sweep away, that we work to get rid of, now comes to remind us who we are, where we are from, where we are bound.” Click on the link to find out more details.

“Art in Orvieto” summer program: This summer the Institute for Christian Studies in the Toronto School of Theology is offering a four-week residency seminar with an optional writers’ or artists’ workshop in Orvieto, Italy, exploring the relationship between art, religion, and theology. You would be living and doing coursework in a Servite monastery. You have until March 31 to apply. (You do not have to be enrolled in a university to participate.)

Two new videos from The Bible Project—“The Covenants” and “The Book of Exodus, Part 2”:


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