Roundup: Modern church art, Michael Brown, fun with rocks, Thompson adaptation, and Jesus as Messiah

The Church’s engagement with contemporary art, by Jonathan Evens: The church has been and is experiencing a renaissance of commissioned art, but so few people seem to be aware of it. Evens, who recently returned from a modern “Christian art” pilgrimage through Europe, discusses some of the causes, trends, and key figures related to this renaissance.

“The Gospel in Black and White: A Missiological Perspective on Ferguson” by Bob Bixby: OK, I’m pretty late on this one, but this white pastor’s response to the fatal shooting of Michael Brown is one of the most helpful I’ve heard. It examines in particular the tension between the predominant reaction of white Christians to this crisis and that of black Christians. If we profess the same gospel, why aren’t we more unified in our feelings about this case? It comes down to differences in shared understandings and shared values. Whereas blacks see themselves as a collective, whites do not—which has a tremendous impact on how each race interprets news such as this.

Artist Hirotoshi Ito can do some amazing things with rocks. Love it!

The Hound of Heaven trailer: Based on a nineteenth-century poem by Francis Thompson, this short film tells the story of a girl who believes that she is fleeing death, when she is actually running away from her only chance at life. The story is told through a combination of surreal visuals and spoken-word-style narration by LA hip-hop artist Propaganda. Directed by N. D. Wilson, the film premiered yesterday at the Raindance Film Festival.

Hound of Heaven movie

Still from the short film The Hound of Heaven, © 2014 Gorilla Poet Productions. Cinematography by Dane Saxon Wilson. (Click on the image to view more stills.)

The Bible Project just completed its latest video, “Messiah”:

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