Roundup: Oprah edited, “Black Jesus,” Satan art, and rape awareness

“The Op-Ed: Oprah Edited” by Drew Dyck: OK, I know I just picked on Oprah not too long ago, but . . . let me do it just once more! Like this guy, I can’t help but notice the vast discrepancy between the Oprah gospel and the gospel of Christ. Oprah’s cultural influence is immense—she has redefined spirituality for today’s generation (and apparently now also has her own branded chai blend at Starbucks)—so I think we should honestly consider the advice she dispenses and critique it where necessary.

“Black Jesus”: This new TV show is in its first season on Comedy Central’s late-night lineup. Rated TV MA (for mature audiences only), it’s set in present-day Compton, California, where African American Jesus is on a mission to bring love and kindness to his neighborhood.


“Sympathy for the Devil: Satan, Sin, and the Underworld”: This new exhibition at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University depicts Satan and his realm through five centuries of prints, drawings, paintings, and sculptures, which “reveal the archfiend’s transformation from a horned and cloven-footed fallen angel to the debonair Mephistopheles to the evil hidden within those responsible for the horrors of modern society.” Hyperallergic has a nice write-up on it.

Satan engraving

Engraving by Cornelis Galle I, c. 1595.

“Carry That Weight,” a performance art piece by Emma Sulkowicz: Since September 2, Columbia University senior Emma Sulkowicz has been carrying a mattress with her everywhere she goes to visualize the burden she’s been carrying since her sophomore year, when, she claims, she was raped in her dorm room. A bedroom is supposed to be a private, safe space, she says, but now hers is neither: it is the site of a trauma, one that she has decided to make public as she protests her school’s alleged mishandling of the case (they found the accused to be innocent) as well as draws attention to the epidemic of sexual assaults on college campuses across the country. See also the piece she wrote in Time magazine in May.

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