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For those of you who have ever struggled to present the storyline and major themes of the Bible to someone who’s unfamiliar with them—or even just to grasp them yourself—a new series of animated videos that are in development will be an excellent resource.


Tim Mackie and Jonathan Collins are at the helm of this Portland, Oregan–based nonprofit venture called “The Bible Project,” the plan being to create 72 short, free, shareable videos that break the Bible down by book and theme. The first three videos have already been released, and I have to say, I’m very impressed by their quality and can’t wait to see more!

Genesis, Part One:


Genesis, Part Two:


Heaven and Earth:


Their goal is to push out one video a month, but to stick to that goal they need people who believe in their vision and who are willing to donate money toward it. They’ve chosen to raise support on a video-by-video basis; currently they’re seeking funding for a video on the book of Exodus. If you’re interested in helping, visit The FAQ section gives you a breakdown of their costs, which include storyboarding, animation, sound, and supplemental content development (study guides).

They are also looking for translators for captioning, so if you’re fluent in a non-English language and are willing to translate video transcripts, e-mail

If you want to keep abreast of all the new developments, you can like The Bible Project on Facebook or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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8 Responses to Join the Bible Project

  1. SDR says:

    The video on Heaven and Earth is really interesting! I love how it emphasizes bringing the two back together rather than merely emphasizing “heaven” as a destination after death. A recreated, paradisiacal earth is our future home, not a cloud…

  2. Lebo Mofoleng says:

    I love the explanation on how Genesis is divided into two parts and how heaven and earth relate.

  3. This is truly amzing and very much inspiring. I do believe, without an shadow of doubt, that our youth throughout the world must have their hearts connected and glued to this project and their lives will never be the same again… We need to rally behind the donations in a way that all who partake are encouraged and motivated to do more, for our next generations to come… Let us do this and the Lord God Almighty will always remain faithful to save our nations.

  4. Kelly Polk says:

    I love what I see so far. I’m really trying to learn and study the bible the word of God to show thyself approved. I need to learn lots that I don’t know from beginning to end.

  5. Richard says:

    I have always had a desire to get deeper in to God’s word and not just read but understand what i was reading in order to share the Good News to other people. The Bible Project really helped with clarifying the many questions i had and how the bible links every story and ever leader together. So inspired and motivated to dig deeper into the word of God. Keep bringing the Word to life with the illustrations! You are indeed inspiring and impacting people.

  6. Perhaps you should all view my website…there before yours.

  7. Al Canales says:

    I’ve always felt it’s good to see the big picture and then get into the particulars of the Scriptures and the put all the pieces together like a puzzle so as to grow into the likeness of our Lord and Savior King Jesus. I feel The Bible Project helps me on this quest. Thank you for all the dedication and hard work. God bless you my brothers and sisters in Christ.

  8. consultgtf says:

    Thank you, You have recreated for the younger generation!

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