A 20th-century shift in the arts

“Unfortunately, the past century has systematically produced a culture of artists who believe their greatest responsibility is to be true to themselves, and not to a truth which exists outside of them. They are taught that to grow as artists they need to enter more and more into their own emotions and values, whereas the great artists of the past immersed themselves in universal values and spent a lifetime pursuing absolute truth. They strove to learn what their culture had to teach them, and then gave back this wisdom through their art.

“Today’s artists too are learning and giving back, but rather than being formed according to objective truth, they are being convinced that truth is relative. Their art reflects this relativism, which is especially harmful to the communication of morals and human values. This relativism creates stories that devalue human beings and provide the foundation for social ills.”

—Kenneth Noster, Director and President of Living Water College of the Arts,
Derwent, Alberta, Canada

Source: Transpositions.co.uk

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