Sex Roundup

Here are a few noteworthy articles on sex-related topics: prostitution, human trafficking, sex addiction, masturbation, and pornography—they’re all tied together. And then there’s one that considers physical release as a husband’s primary motivator for pursuing sex—is this good, bad, or neither?

Pretty Woman and Why You Judge ‘Prostitutes’” by Lore Ferguson: Prostitution is never chosen, never glamorous, and if you think you’re helping a young woman make a living by paying her for sex, think again. It’s time to let go of the Pretty Woman myth and to own up to your enablement of the modern-day slave trade.

“Sexual Brokenness in the Church: Confessions of a Pastor and Sex Addict” by T. C. Ryan: Sex addiction is a thing, and it’s likely that at least one person in your church is struggling with it. Here’s how to help.

“Masturbation and the Spiritual Life” by T. C. Ryan: With openness and sensitivity, Ryan posits that masturbation, for the most part, is an unhealthy practice that runs counter to the function of human sexual expression. In its one-sidedness, it is selfish and isolating. A God-honoring sexuality, on the other hand, is focused more on giving than receiving; it is kind and protective of others and promotes intimacy.

“A Plea to Women for Forgiveness” by Michael John Cusick: I appreciate this apology from a recovered sex addict.

“The Thing About Sex” by Tim Challies: Pastor Challies lays out a Bible-based theology of sex, using this oft-posed question as his starting point: “You speak of sex like it is a pure and holy thing. Yet when my husband wants to have sex with me, I feel like he is just responding to bodily urges and wants to use me as a way to relieve those urges. It’s all about the release. What is holy about this?”

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