Off to England!

From April 7-15, I will be visiting England for the first time. So excited! My husband will be presenting his research at a microscopy conference at Oxford—just the impetus I needed to finally make the trip over to the country whose literature I studied for four years in college.

I’ve arranged to meet up with artist Nicholas Mynheer while I’m there. He works in painting, sculpture, and glass design and is one of my favorite artists.

Deposition by Nicholas Mynheer

Nicholas Mynheer, The Deposition of Christ, 2011. Caen stone sculpture, 57 cm tall.

If you know of any special exhibitions going on while I’m there or have any recommendations for must-sees or must-do’s, let me know! I’m overwhelmed by all the beauty the country has to offer and could use some guidance in creating an itinerary.

I’ll be staying in Oxford for the first four days and London for the last four.

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