“O filigree petal!”

Boston has seen quite a bit of snow this winter. My husband and I marvel at how the snowflakes here, more often than not, are actually star-shaped, like you see in cartoons or on elementary-school art walls. Here’s a photo he took last month on our back porch.

Star-shaped snowflake

Photo © Eric James Jones, taken February 3, 2013.

Isn’t our God an awesome craftsman? Every snowfall is an occasion for us to give him praise.

“To a Snowflake” by Francis Thompson

What heart could have thought you?—
Past our devisal
(O filigree petal!)
Fashioned so purely,
Fragilely, surely,
From what Paradisal
Imagineless metal,
Too costly for cost?
Who hammered you, wrought you,
From argentine vapor?—
“God was my shaper.
Passing surmisal,
He hammered, He wrought me,
From curled silver vapor,
To lust of His mind—
Thou could’st not have thought me!
So purely, so palely,
Tinily, surely,
Mightily, frailly,
Insculped and embossed,
With His hammer of wind,
And His graver of frost.”

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1 Response to “O filigree petal!”

  1. Carol Haemker says:

    My favorite! This was so amazing to me. Incredible handiwork of God!!

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