Even witches love Jesus?

Sacred Heart of JesusI’ve mentioned before that I’m intrigued by how far Jesus’s reach is to people of other faiths. If a non-Christian religion does not officially recognize Jesus as a positive figure, then at the very least a large body of individuals belonging to that religion will have some kind of an affinity or respect for or even devotion to his person. Case in point: when researching the sacred heart of Jesus, I found that an online pagan, Wiccan, and witchcraft store sells a sticker with that image, describing it as a reminder of “the divine love of Christ.” The store also sells Jesus amulets and incense sticks.

It’s cool to me that so many people when they think of Christ think of his love. The association is automatic. Not so cool is how they tend to think of him as a flat figure possessing only that one attribute, and ignore or misunderstand those works which most proved his love. And being without the Spirit, they try to connect with him or channel his power in unbiblical ways (i.e., thinking that his protection comes from a silver charm).

The impulse to worship Christ is widespread. But in too many cases that translates into simply adding him to a pantheon of other gods, or reconfiguring him to suit your needs and tastes. Even Christians are sometimes guilty of this.

Jesus is love, and love is his greatest commandment. But he is also furious at sin, and he demands exclusive devotion.

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1 Response to Even witches love Jesus?

  1. scott murray says:

    Jesus, the Jew, did not set himself up as an idol object for devotion. Exclusive devotion, for Jesus, was, is, and will always be directed towards the Father. As it should be for us as well. We worship the Father through Christ. This is a vital distinction. Jesus does not call for devotion to himself at the expense of the Father.

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