New Facebook Page!

Dear Readers,

I finally got the Facebook page for The Jesus Question all set up:  Give it a “Like,” if you’re so inclined! 

Besides using it as a feed for new blog posts, I will also be using it to informally post art, videos, music, articles, and other quick Jesus thoughts and things I come across, so it’s a good way to get a taste of what might be coming  up on the blog for fuller discussion in the future.  Several of you already send me interesting Jesus-related links and bytes through e-mail or on my personal Facebook page, and you can certainly continue to do so, but feel free also to share these things on the Jesus Question Wall.  I hope that the Facebook page will be an easier platform for link-sharing and a more comfortable one for discussion than WordPress.  Although I’d love to drive comments to the blog, I’ve found that people are more likely to post comments and initiate discussion threads on Facebook.

The Facebook page will in no way be replacing the actual blog.  I’m just trying to make people aware of this site and give them a more convenient entry point, and a second format option for airing opinions and responses.  You do not need to have a Facebook account to view the Facebook page, only to participate on it.

If you don’t have Facebook but would like to receive a notification each time a new post is published, you can “subscribe” to the blog using your e-mail address or an RSS feed.  (What is an RSS feed?)  Just scroll up and click one of the two subscription icons in the sidebar.

Thank you so much for following The Jesus Question, or even for just stopping in every once in a while.  I’d love to see your face on the Facebook page and to hear your ideas regarding who Jesus was or is, what we’ve made of him, how he compares to other spiritual teachers, why he’s trendy or why he’s not, where he came from, why he died, how he should be worshiped (or should he?), what he thinks of us, how he got such a huge following, whether the church is fulfilling his vision, and so on.

With love and appreciation,


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