Tee Time: Santa’s Fake, Jesus Ain’t

Santa's Fake, Jesus Ain'tThis T-shirt, designed by a company called “The Funny Farms,” was meant as a joke, but VirtuousPlanet.com offers it for sale in all seriousness, for those who want to promote its truth.  (Click here to see their other Christmas T-shirt selections.)  A Christian e-tailer, Virtuous Planet “strive[s] for moral excellence, and our goal is to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere.”

This is not a friendly shirt, nor is it morally excellent.  I resent any parent who would put this on their toddler.  If you don’t want to do the whole Santa thing with your child on the grounds that it’s a lie, that’s fine, but don’t spoil the magic for other kids with this combative statement—all the more reprehensible in this size-2T form, for its forcing a two-year-old to be the killjoy, and an unwilling party in such ultra-conservativism.

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1 Response to Tee Time: Santa’s Fake, Jesus Ain’t

  1. Yelena Pecheny says:

    i would totally make my kid wear this, i like it a lot!

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