Introducing … Tee Time!

So, I’m starting up a new series called “Tee Time,” in which I will feature every Tuesday a Jesus T-shirt of some kind.  Some of the shirts are ridiculous, some are quite clever, some are irreverent, and some just make me want to hang down my head in embarrassment on behalf of Christians everywhere.

Tee Time will showcase the good, the bad, and the ugly of today’s Jesus-tee market.  Most of the shirts need no commentary—I post them only for your own amusement.  But some, like today’s, I can’t help but comment on. 

I’ve decided to lead off with one of those “huh?”-type tees:

Jesus riding a dinosaurAfter finding “Jerex” (as e-tailers call it), I was admittedly curious about its intended purpose.  I Googled “dinosaur Jesus t-shirt,” and to my surprise, the search yielded myriad results. alone sells seven different Jesus-riding-a-dinosaur T-shirts, among them “Raptor Rodeo Jesus” and “Jurassic Lord.”  Then the one entitled “Creationism!” tipped me off.  I get it now… Kind of…

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1 Response to Introducing … Tee Time!

  1. Eric says:

    I think that the message of these t-shirts would be more clearly stated if it pictured Adam on the dinosaur instead of Jesus (assuming that they are trying to say that man and dinosaurs coexisted at one time due to a concurrent creation on Day 6). But perhaps a larger number of people couldn’t readily identify Adam.

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