Tee Time: Air Jesus

T-shirt_Air JesusThe ultimate high.

Found at ebay.com.

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“Jesus Is Yours” by Ordinary Time

Track 1 on the album Joy Brand New. Words and music by Ben Keyes.

Ordinary Time is an independent folk acoustic trio rooted in the Christian tradition. For more information, visit their website, www.ordinarytimemusic.com.

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Tee Time: Jesus is my rock . . .

T-shirt_Jesus is my rock. . . and that’s how I roll!

Found at etsy.com.

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Is giving Christ African features heretical, or at the very least neglectful?

I’m currently studying the book African Theology in Images by Martin Ott, a 600-page exploration of the African Christian art that has come out of the Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art in Mua, Malawi, since its founding in 1976. An excellent, excellent book—one to which I plan to devote future posts.

Here’s one excerpt (pp. 74-75) that has stood out to me thus far, mainly because it raises a concern that I’ve heard quite often: that Jesus was a Middle Eastern Jew, and so any artistic depictions of him should show him as such, so as not to demean his historicity. One Ugandan bishop used to agree with this line of reasoning, rejecting any images of Christ with African features . . . but then he changed his mind:

The establishment of authentic African art requires both personal adjustments and theological rethinking. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in two separate statements of Bishop Paul Kalanda of Moroto, Uganda. In an article written in 1960 Paul Kalanda had argued vehemently against the representation of Christ as “a black Christ with a short face, flat nose, thick lips and crisp hair. This form of presentation neglects the historical Jesus, and would rape him of his race and his personality; and, by the way, it is against the history and tradition of the church”. Exactly thirty years later, having been appointed Bishop, he issued another statement on the same subject.  Continue reading

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Tee Time: Wanna taco bout Jesus?

Jesus taco

Lettuce pray.

Found at kerusso.com.

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Virgin Mary had a baby boy . . .

Baby Jesus

Color woodcut from the Habdank Bibel (Augsburg, Germany: Pattloch, 1995), by Walter Habdank.

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Tee Time: The best lifeguard walks on water

T-shirt_The best lifeguard walks on waterFound at etsy.com.

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