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Jesus, the church’s fiancé

Greg Boyd’s description of the church’s marital engagement to Christ on pages 121–26 of his book Benefit of the Doubt is one of the best I’ve read. Under the heading “Betrothed to the Beloved,” he explicates the meaning of the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Christ in Celtic Christianity, by Michael W. Herren and Shirley Ann Brown

Celtic has become a buzzword in today’s age, evoking romantic notions of a peaceful, inclusive, nature-loving Christianity practiced in the British Isles of the Early Middle Ages. Classicist Michael W. Herren and medieval art historian Shirley Ann Brown, however, do not … Continue reading

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Why Jesus’s most incredible claim gained widespread acceptance

No major religion has a founder who claimed to be God, though some small short-lived cults have had them. While there have been self-deceived people in history who have made divine claims, they never were able to make their assertions … Continue reading

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A seasonally appropriate metaphor for Jesus

Bread of Life. Living Water. Light of the World. Good Shepherd. The Vine. The Lamb. These are several well-known biblical metaphors for Jesus. Here’s one you may be less familiar with: Jesus Christ the apple tree. It comes from Song … Continue reading

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It Is Finished by Anthony Falbo

Anthony Falbo’s sense of humor is one of the qualities that endears me to his art. He frequently paints religious subjects but not with the stilted piety of much of today’s (what passes as) Christian art—instead, he approaches his subjects … Continue reading

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Jesus as the New David

This illumination is from an eighth-century copy of Cassiodorus’s sixth-century Commentary on the Psalms. (The manuscript is sometimes referred to as the Durham Cassiodorus because of the cathedral library that houses it.) Created in the Anglian kingdom of Northumbria, it … Continue reading

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Jesus did tonglen

I worked for four years at a Buddhist publishing house, and “tonglen” was a topic I came across many times. It’s a Buddhist contemplative practice in which the practitioner breathes in the pain and suffering of others and breathes out … Continue reading

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